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Africa A La Mode was birthed out of a deep love and passion for the rich and vibrant cultures of the Motherland. Our purpose is to showcase to the world the immense talent and creativity that springs forth from the wombs of those who bring life to their creations from the very depths of nothingness. We strive to shine a light on the incredible artistry, innovation, and resilience of individuals across Africa, inspiring admiration and appreciation for their invaluable contributions to the global creative landscape.


Africa a la Mode is a first of its kind fashion event born through great minds of persons who hold Africa in the highest esteem and strive to revive the fashion glory of Africa, Ms Corhinn Brunot the Editor in Chief of NeoBo|Creativ magazine Inc, Mr. Jimmy Moise a renown event producer & CEO of Lux and Private LLC, and Managing Partner of Jabali Private Aviation, Ms Karen N Uwera a Rwandan Fashion designer and CEO of ACHIEVAZ a consulting firm that offers services in Private sector development and event management.


The Africa a la Mode first edition that will be held in Kigali, Rwanda, aims to showcase the latest fashion trends and designs from both local and international brands with major focus on Rwanda and Haiti.


As you may be aware, the fashion industry is rapidly growing, moreover as of late, most of the celebrity designers pull their inspiration from the African culture.

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